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Shawn Kemp

Dahlias V/E 153

Dahlias V/E 153

Limited Edition: 1 left

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Comes ready to hang in a solid wood floating frame. 

Paper on Paper
16 x 20 x 0.75 inches

Composed of 12 layers of individually cut, acid-free, alpha-cellulose mat board.

Signed and numbered on the back.

Each piece is unique and created just for you. No two pieces are identical. You will receive a piece similar to but not exactly the same as the one pictured.

This piece is entirely handmade by Shawn with ❤️ in Bellingham, WA

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The Dahlias collection

An exploration in generative art using an algorithm that generates unique outputs with an embedded digital blueprint that is used to cut 12 layers of mat board which are then fused together to create a one of a kind wall sculpture. Play with the generator
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